Susan's House of Art
Susan is a professional artist as well as teacher with a BFAA in painting from Boston University. She has taught in both public and private schools for 30 years and is able to teach basic as well as advanced techniques. You will be amazed at how your child's self-confidence and ability improve with Susan's direction.

She was born in Tachacowa, Japan. Since an early age, Susan knew she would be an artist. When she was 6, both she and her older sister visited their father. They both worked on paint by number oil paintings. He took a picture of her sisters' when she proudly held it up. Susan was embarrassed and afraid her father wouldn't love her because hers' seemed messy. He took a picture of her too, but said everyone else had stayed in the lines, but she was a true artist and had blended the colors! What a diplomat! She learned at an early age the power of positive thinking! She gained confidence and discovered that art was her strength.

Susan attended Boston University School Of Fine Art and received BFAA in painting in 1972. She received classical training in perspective, anatomy, and design. She joked that she knew anatomy so well after drawing so many models, that she could have been an artist, masseuse, or surgeon!

While working for the City of Los Angles, Susan painted large mural in city schools. It was fun rewarding having the children paint their own sections. Susan created a large mural in an area where wrestling was to be offered. Her training at BU came in handy. She created a masterpiece of Roman and Greek wrestlers that was life-size and well-muscled. The faces were of her family and friends which made it more fun for her.

Susans' work expresses an inner joy she has. She loves to capture beautiful moments in time and her favorite subjects are children discovering their world. Rockwell is one of her favorite artists because of his sensitivity to light and form. His subjects are positive and beautifully drawn. He worked from photos and she does as well.

She has been a member of the Gresham Chamber of Commerce many years. She has had a summer fine art camps for 5 years in her home, and also the Adventist Elementary School. Each camp featured a unique and fun curriculum of realistic drawing and painting. She taught portraits, animals and landscapes. Some camps focused on still life, collage and cartooning. Her desire was to instill self-confidence in her students and improve their ability.

Last year Susan was included in a show with the Geezer Gallery. She has recently joined the Portland Fine Art Guild. She looks forward to painting up a storm in her new studio.

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