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    Q./Is there any hidden fee?
    A./No, you will never be charged for your Free ads.

    Q./What does have to offer?
    A./Free Business Ads and Free Yellow Page Ads and Discounts on most items from your favorite major stores.

    Q./Why would I use
    A./We are members of Together We Can Change The World and we hope to support that ideal, by bringing people together on my web sites and giving them what they need.

    Q./Will I need to pay you a commission on each sale?
    A./NO, what ever you receive from your web sales is 100% yours.

    Q./Are the merchants advertising with you checked out before you add them to your malls?
    A./All merchants are recommended by customers and other services before I will add them to my web site.

    Q./Why have you created this web site?
    A./I have created this web site to help people with their Health, Wealth, Purchasing power, create a second income, hire services you can trust that are affordable and honest, to find items that are hard to find and for the peace of mind.

    Q./How does shopping on this mall make money for myself & Servictr?
    A./all sales come with a discount on the item you purchase and a discount on the shipping and handle fees.

    Q./Can anyone make purchases on this Mall?
    A./Yes. Simply direct your friends and relatives to this Shopping Center Mall. There's no need for anyone to log on, just shop.

    Q./What if I have a problem with my order?
    A./Directly contact the Orders or Customer Service Department of the merchant. Each of our merchants has met strict criteria of quality customer service to be qualified for inclusion in the Shopping Center Mall.

    Q./Do I have to start my shopping from each Shopping Center Mall?
    A./Yes. Often you will receive direct emails from stores where you have made a previous purchase. In order for you to get credit for any future purchases those transactions must be made from this shopping mall.

Portraits By Suzan
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Susan B Inloes

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